Show Notes Ep 498 Barbell Shrugged Host Mike Bledsoe

  • Mind Pump intro to interview with Mike Bledsoe (1:43)
  • Mike explains the dynamic of his podcast and who he works with (4:44)

    o   Have to have same goals

  • Mike’s opinion on the state of the fitness industry (8:33)

    o   Authenticity

    o   No message

  • Mike explains his involvement in the Crossfit community and how it has grown (15:16)

    o   Moving into professional phase

    o   Gone more mainstream and “clean”

    o   Barbell snatch – proper way to perform

    o   Mobility has become important

    o   Kelly Starrett

  • What made him start his podcast “Barbell Shrugged”? (20:08)

    o   Got into radio early on

    o   You can talk about whatever you want

    o   Found his niche to talk about – Strength and Conditioning in Crossfit

  • Mike discusses his first experience with mushrooms (27:40)

    o   Started with conference and topic of empathy

    o   Growth or scared

    o   Meant to create

    o   Interacted with his wife and listened

    o   Integration

  • How likeminded is he with his partners? (50:47)

    o   Keeps the wheels on the bus

    o   System oriented

    o   Know their roles and happy in them

  • What are the legs to his business? 

    o   Automation

    o   Web development

    o   Business coaching

  • What are some moments that changed him as a fitness professional? (58:40)

    o   Movement – Program Design – Nutrition

  • What is his opinion of IIFYM / supplements (meal replacements)? (1:03:52)

    o   Disregard for artificial sweeteners

    o   Gut health

  • What is getting him excited in the health/wellness land? (1:11:08)

    o   Memory stored in the fascia 


  • Mike discusses his wizard (1:22:58)

    o   Helps him remember things differently

    o   Life coaches

    o   Highly qualified

  • What has he recently gone through that challenged him? (1:31:18)

    o   Became less competitive and more collaborative

    o   Grew up less off than his friends

    o   Retreats

    o   Circling 

    o   Woman are a burden

    o   Burning Man

  • Does Barbell Shrugged go out on retreats/getaways like the Mind Pump guys do to create programs? What was their most difficult year? (2:04:16)

    o   Took direction of company off training programs to helping the gym owner

    o   Path of becoming more sensitive

  • What is in the future for Mike and his company? Biggest mistake the box owner makes? (2:08:09)

    o   By 2018 build media team

    o   Putting all effort into the box owner

    o   People become stressed out / too into business / let culture die

  • What are good / average / shitty numbers to being Crossfit box owner? Competitors/Price Wars talk  (2:20:55)

    o   Need to make money off 150 members

    o   $40-50 K Good

    o   $15-20 K Average

    o   $1-2 K Shitty

    o   10,000 boxes in the US

    o   Barry’s boot camp, Orange Theory competitors

    o   Planet Fitness model

    o   Moving towards less fear based tactics

  • Mike’s take on social media (2:23:23)

    o   Way to connect with people and build relationships

    o   Uses Facebook for social life

    o   Success comes from podcast

    o   Facebook ads and email marketing

  • Sexual revelation talk / Final thoughts (2:429:00)

    o   Orgasmic meditation

    o   Adult friend finder

    o   Tender

    o   Trends in music

    o   VR

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