Show Notes Ep 497 Kimera Quah

  • Sal’s trip to Yosemite (3:01)
  • Formula to getting more views on YouTube / How videos go viral? (7:22)
  • Grounding talk (9:19)

    o   Flow of electrons from earth to your body

    o   Walking on the beach

  • Adam’s spa refuge getaway (15:46)

    The Refuge (Carmel, CA)

  • Justin takes the kids to Monster Jam (19:52)
  • Chubby bunny contest 
  • Quah Question #1 – What are their thoughts on reverse dieting to speed up metabolism? (23:16)

    o   Slowly bringing calories up

    o   Stay active

    o   Good hormone profile

    o   Balance of performance gains vs. longevity

  • Quah Question #2 – After years of counting calories, how should someone bulk? (34:50)

    o   Dick-do

    o   Measure performance

    o   Cut out carbs

    o   Focus on quality of nutrients

    o   Not in tune with your body

  • Quah Question #3 – How can you run safely? (43:22)

    o   MPTv – Hip Health Series

    o   Treat as a skill

    o   Address your imbalances first

  • Quah Question #4 – What is their opinion of people who quit their steroid cycle and then claim to be natural? (58:32)

    o   Genetics

    o   Articulate journey and be real about it

    o   Get yourself in best shape of your life all natural

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