Show Notes Ep 496 Tom Bilyeu

  • Intro to interview with Tom Bilyeu (03:59)
  • Tom explains Impact Theory (9:20)

    o   How do you give meaning/hope on a global scale through narrative

    o   Book, comic books, movies, TV shows and video games

    o   Total merchandising strategy

    o   Disney model

  • Tom explains his thoughts on narrative (20:30)

    o   Through entertainment

  • Where does Tom’s passion come from? (32:48)

    o   Mother Theresa

    o   People’s belief in themselves

    o   Possibly of hope

  • How does he bring in the guests for Impact Theory? Stories from guests he has had on. (36:09)

    o   Wants to bring people up to showcase their talents

    o   Obsessed with great minds

    o   V.S. Ramachandran

    o   David Eagleman

  • How is he gaining his audience to the show? (48:00)

    o   App’s

    o   Social Media

  • How did go about making the transition from Quest? Feel about people not taking him seriously? (51:37)

    o   Netflix, iTunes, Spotify, Disney models

    o   Companies staying predatory

  • What does he see the most common mistakes are with new businesses? (1:06:39)

    o   Asking for money too soon

    o   Need to build an audience first

    o   Offer freebies

  • Importance of having a community / How does he determine if a company has a large enough audience? (1:13:44)
  • What advice would he offer a person trying to create a social business/brand? (1:25:07)

    o   Create a product that will help people / add value to their life

    o   Create a brand built on connection with audience

    o   Be authentic

    o   Be consistent

    o   Find influencers and share their content / comment

    o   Be disciplined

    o   Magic analogy

  • Being self aware and traits in people he wants to develop (1:38:23)

    o   Grand ambition

    o   Drive

    o   Compassion

  • What does his company culture look like? Plans to add players to his company? Deals with entitlement culture? (1:50:36)

    o   Continuity players

    o   Lynch pin

    o   Intra-preneurs

    o   True entrepreneurs

    o   Intern program

    o   Don’t have scarcity mentality

  • What is in store for Impact Theory? Feel about viral videos and haters?

  • Incubating companies

  • How far away is he from releasing Impact Theory’s first narrative? 

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