Show Notes Ep 494 "How to Squat like a Pro" with Justin Brink

  • Biggest issues with people and their squat (1:10)

    o   Mobility issues

    o   Feet

    o   Short foot

  • How do you incorporate working on imbalances during the day? Working on your foot mobility? (5:51)

o   Teach the person how to stand.... Tripod (heel, big toe, small toe)  

o   Then how to walk

o   Barefoot – Taking your shoes off!

  • How does he feel about insoles / Feet being too sensitive (16:00)
  • How can someone start to build connectivity, if they have none? (18:55)

    o   Quad set (tension)

    o   Stem machine

    o   Taping

  • Discussion about massage and feeling your body (26:26)

    o   You are what you eat

    o   Movement

  • How fundamental is a squat? (28:40)

    o   Everyone should be able to squat (barring any injuries)

    o   People don’t want to think

    o   Butt wink discussion

     o Control of lumbar spine

    o  Owning the movement

    o   Feel your body

    o  Slow down and control your movement

    o  Work within the range of motion that you have

    o  Slowly use crutches to work in new range of motion and remove when comfortable(connected)

    o  Tissue change (PRIME your body) – sitting in car (driving)

  • Move more! / Final take aways (51:16)

    o   Know your limits before you begin anything

    o   Mind to body connection

    o   Go to Mind Pump TV – “Squat like a Pro” series


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