Show Notes Ep 493: Kimera Quah

  • Guys discuss Easter festivities (4:33)
            -Online dating

            -Avoiding nutrition talk on holidays/with friends and family

  • Quah Question #1 - How do antidepressants affect fitness? (28:26)
            - SSRI - Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor

            - Causes weight gain

            - Increases serotonin

            - Erectile dysfunction

            - Take drugs to help them get up and do something

            - Gut health

  • Quah Question #2 - What are the guy’s current fitness goals? (36:00)
            - Working on Imbalances (Adam)

            - Being comfortable in his own skin (Adam)

            - Focusing on conditioning and durability (Justin)

               - Sled pulls, jump rope and macebell training

            - Upping cholesterol next 14 days (Sal)

  • Quah Question #3 – What do you do when you slip off your pre-competition diet? (57:07)

    ·        Don’t try to make up for it

    ·        Reverse dieting

    ·        Train like it’s a sport, not for leisure

  • Quah Question #4 – What is the most important aspect of personal care? (1:13:30)


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