Show Notes Ep 492

  • Introduction of Tony Jefferies and Glen Holmes (2:09)

    o   Their certification at Mind Pump Media coming up

  • Discussion into accents / language among communities (5:27)

    o   Emoji’s

    o   VR Porn

  • Where do the Mind Pump guys get all their knowledge from? (12:44)

    o   Passion and constantly learning

    o   Internships and apprentices 

  • What is their take of fasting protocols/benefits? (20:04)

    o   Very individual

    o   Good relationship with food

    o   Time windows

    o   Mental clarity

    o   Not to fast for weight loss

  • Thoughts on cheat meal/day (30:09)

    o   Keto diet

    o   Lactose intolerant

  • How to research information / opposing arguments? (36:55)

    o   Ideologies

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