Show Notes Ep 489: Kimera Quah

  • Calling a woman a “girl” discussion (1:59)

    o   Identity politics

    o   Sensitivity / being offended

    o   Being manipulated

  • Quah Question #1 – You guys are preaching not running your body into the ground and not over-training, so why the insanity in MAPS Aesthetic: Phase 3 (MAPS Black)? (16:49)

    o   More experienced

    o   Higher volume

    o   Listening to your body and modifying

    o   Run down vs Challenging

  • Quah Question #2 – What is your take on FAT grips for strengthening grip? (28:00)

    o   Isolating strength in that range of motion

    o   Different hand positions / adaptation

  • Quah Question #3 – Have you ever trained someone who has lost motivation for training? How to do counter this and get them back into fitness? (39:00)

    o   Coaching method

    o   Give people options

    o   Laying out expectations

  • Quah Question #4 - What are your worst/favorite fitness trends? (47:43)

    o   Stability equipment as replacement for big lifts

    o   Introduction of circuit training

    o   Vanity

    o   Men’s/Women's Bodybuilding/Physique competitions

    o   Functional patterns

    o   Mobility trends

    o   Functional / Holistic practices

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