Show Notes Ep 488: Jamie Wheal

  •  Does Jaime think we are just scratching the surface regarding micro dosing with top athletes/performers? / Explain difference between micro dose and regular dose of psychedelics? (1:18)
  • What does science say on micro dosing, museum dosing and massive dosing? Are there studies showing the differences? (2:40)
  • Mob mentality discussion (13:56)
  • What are the things that have stuck with him from his experiences at Burning Man? (17:50)
  • What is the hedonic calendar? How did he come up with it? (20:31)

    o   How important that we have checks and balances?

  • What is the newest science out regarding psychedelics?  (28:48)

    o   What experiences has he heard from people doing for first time?

  • Did any ideas change since writing the book? 

    o   Any push back from community?

  • Altered states of economy discussion (39:00)

    o   Antidepressants

    o   Porn

  • Advanced learning discussion (47:56)

    o   Navy Seals / Float tanks

    o   A.I.

    o   What does he see in the next 25 years that people will trip off on?

  • What is the difference between psychedelics? (1:00:15)

    o   LSD vs. Psilocybin mushrooms

    o   Nootropics tribe

  • How did get connected with Steven Kotler? (1:11:30)

    o   How was it working with him?

    o   What was their drive to write about this topic?

  • What are his hopes regarding psychedelics and their legal usage? 

    o   Athletes using them to increase performance?

  • How does Jaime communicate this topic to kids? (1:23:02)
  • What is next for Steven? (1:27:07)

    o   Pop-up locations

    o   Recapture the Rapture (next book)

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