Show Notes Ep. 482 Robb Wolf

  • Robb talks about his background (Paleo) /Autoimmune explosion (5:59)
  • Why does Robb feel the Paleo diet seems to work with autoimmune disorders? (14:05)
  •  Robb talks about gluten and the communities behind it (21:03)
  •  What is protein fasting and why is it a good idea? (44:33)
  •  Do we need to hyper hydrate? (50:38)
  •   How does Robb get someone going in the right direction (health wise)? (54:24)
  •   Obesity/diabetes epidemic – Addiction to food discussion (58:40)
  •   High endurance athletes and their inability to tone it down / Beat themselves up 
  •  What are Robb’s thoughts on artificial sweeteners? (1:22:45)
  •  Robb talks about how he lives his life / What we can do to make small changes in our lives (1:30:14)
  •  Why is Robb so motivated in the field of Paleo? (1:36:33)
  •  Mind Pump goes to PaleoF(x) – Robb gives them his rundown of the event and what to expect (1:37:05)
  • Mind Pump asks, what has Robb done? / Final thoughts (1:41:05)

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