Show Notes Ep. 480: Paul Chek

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  • Introduction to discussion with Paul Chek (8:24)
  • Ego is the enemy (9:49)
  • What does Paul think of people’s perception of him? (16:34)
  • Paul talks about all the things he originated and got no credit for – ie: gut health, bulletproof coffee and the swiss ball (26:00)
  • How did Paul get into the wellness/fitness industry? How his childhood/military/boxing days changed his life? (29:34)
  • What advice does Paul give a team/athlete he takes on? (52:52)
    Paul talks about flow state (1:03:21)
  • Chek Institute: Coach programs, Training programs and courses offered / Becoming a Chek Practitioner (1:13:28)
  • Not selling out and sticking to his principles (1:17:00)
  • What is Paul doing with social media to keep up with Generation Z? (1:31:20)
  • What are some key things someone can take away from Paul’s knowledge? / 4 day rotation diet / Program design (1:39:36)
  • What frustrates Paul the most about the state of the fitness industry? (1:51:21)
  • Does Paul communicate differently depending on who he is talking to? (2:03:32)
  • Discussion into dogmas / Final thoughts (2:05:30)

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