Show Notes Ep. 478: Justin Wren

  • Justin’s super hero origin story (9:53)
  • When did he start his MMA journey / Start to gain confidence in himself (18:37)
  • What was his motivation early on? Brought on by anger/being bullied as a child? (23:23)
  • Justin talks about his addiction to opiates / Hitting rock bottom (27:20)
  • Justin talks about his foundation - Fight for the Forgotten / His vision story (39:10)
  • World Water Crisis / Epidemic in the Congo / Working hand in hand with the slave masters (1:02:41)
  • Progress the foundation has made / Future / World Water Day (1:18:55)
  • What is it like working with the local governments? / Difficulties? (1:21:28)
  • What dangerous situations has he been involved in? / Sicknesses he has had? (1:25:41)
  • How has being to the Congo changed his relationships? Become more mindful? Grown from this experience? (1:37:31)
  • His return back to MMA and his final thoughts (1:48:00)

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