Show Notes Ep. 476: Erica Lugo on Dating, Dealing with Burnout & MORE

  • Intro to conversation with Erica Lugo (3:07)
  • Dating talk with Erica (10:34)
  • Erica talks about opening a brick and mortar/Challenges she has faced so far (14:04)
  • Dealing with burnout and she talks about her recent autoimmune diagnosis (21:48)
  • State of fitness industry / Impact of social media (34:10)
  • What does she feel is her next step? / Dealing with emotions/attachments with clients (1:01:47)
  • What does she feel she is kicking ass at? / Her Achilles heel (1:09:34)
  • Entrepreneur advice from the Mind Pump guys about her business (1:13:09)
  • Has she had encounters with clients about slowing down? / Changed since her diagnosis? (1:25:01)
  • Differences between Men/Women in fitness (1:27:25)
  • Final thoughts/message from Erica and the guys (1:31:35)

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  • Tom Bilyeu

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