Show Notes Ep. 474: Arya Saffaire **Men’s Physique 2x Olympia Athlete**

  • Bee/Scorpion talk (1:01)
  • Intro of Arya (7:58)
  • When did Arya first get into Men’s physique? / His early days. (12:02)
  • How did Arya stay a natural athlete? What was his motivation? (14:52)
  • Building his business / getting money once you become a pro / Misconceptions / Supplement use (21:06)
  • Injuries he has had during his journey. How it has affected his nutrition? Relationships? Mindfulness? (27:39)
  • Has his training/programming changed with the injuries he has had? (40:52)
  • Intensity / Frequency and to know when to stop. Dogma/Group discussion. (549:14)
  • Favorite things about bodybuilding/least favorite things. (59:29)

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