Show Notes Ep. 464: Stefanie Obregozo

  • How Sal met Stefanie / Her early childhood story (1:53)
  • Her thoughts on birth control / Her experience (6:58)
  • How she got into holistic health / Fitness (15:39)
  • What shattered her paradigm when it came to health/wellness (20:06)
  • SIBO and her battle with treatment (23:04)
  • How to balance your thoughts / Become aware (30:12)
  • Her thoughts on nutrition and gut health (36:43)
  • Her thoughts on organ meats / Go-to foods for menstrual time (45:25)
  • Her current thoughts on fitness / Neutral spine dysfunction and fluidity (50:49)
  • Sal and his yoga experience 
  • What are you doing now (1:01:48)

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