Show Notes Ep. 463: Olympic Medalist Tony Jefferies and Kevin Watson of Box N’ Burn

  • Intro of Tony and Kevin (6:13)
  • How Tony and Kevin met (9:06)
    • Why the started Box N’ Burn / Boxing Academy (
  • Experienced fighters Tony has trained (14:17)
  • What got Tony into boxing? Attribute his success? (16:31)
  • Mental aspect of fighting / Power of a boxer’s hands (22:51)
    • How important is footwork for a boxer 
  • Who impresses Tony currently in the sport / Favorite boxers (28:50)
  • Brain damage and marijuana/ketone use (33:06)
  • Business model / Origins of Box N’ Burn / Box N’ Burn Academy-Certifications / Franchising (36:02)
  • What are Tony/Kevin’s strengths and weaknesses / Complement each other (45:23)
  • What attributes to the Mind Pump guys success / Complement each other (48:06)
    • Social Media and their use of it in their business 
    • Fighters towards the end of the career and when to stop / Diet after career over 
  • Competitive nature and when to turn it off / Meditation and breathing (1:00:27)
  • Future of Box N’ Burn (1:15:58)

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People Mentioned:

  • Brendan Schaub
  • Mike Tyson
  • Triple G
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Mohammed Ali
  • Roy Jones Jr.
  • Steven Kotler

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