Show Notes Ep.461: Ben Greenfield

  • Guys discuss different bio-hacking equipment they are trying (3:24)
  • Ben discusses books he is writing (11:04)
  • Guys discuss how they let their kids eat through education (13:31)
  • Guys discuss what Justin is wearing over his eyes (16:44)
  • Guys discuss more biohacking equipment (24:44)
    • Adam discusses his penis pump 
  • What excites Ben about A.I. / Nutrition advances in future (29:20)
  • Guys discuss WHOOP / Quantlit bracelet (36:58)
  •  Ben discusses becoming Spartan Race sponsored athlete /details about it (39:36)
  • Guys discuss the state of their podcasting and free items they have received (46:15)
  • THC capsules and enemas (50:49)

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