Show Notes: Mike Salemi

  • Sal’s steam room story update 1:35
  • Sal describes how he met Mike 11:40
  • How did Mike discover resistance training and powerlifting? 13:15
  • With his success/being drug free athlete, was he ever tempted to use performance enhancing drugs? 17:23
    • Harder time gaining size and easier time gaining strength? 20:30
    • Powerlifting to Olympic lifting 
  • How did gymnastics play a part into his transition to Olympic lifting 20:58
  • What is kettlebell sport? Competition Events description 24:50
  • Mike’s opinion of Crossfit 28:12
  • How have you seen your body change going from powerlifting/Olympics lifting to kettlebell style training? 32:44
  • Has father time hit you yet? Do you notice you have to put extra time with flexibility/mobility before you train? Does every sport have an age range? 36:28
  • Have you applied technology to your training? 41:06
    • Importance of discipline and recovery / Know how to read your body 
  • What does his training look right now? How will it look after? Importance of programming 48:51
  • Aesthetics vs. Function / Inner ego struggle? 52:43
  • Mike’s take on nutrition 1:01:00
  • First sponsored Mind Pump Athlete 

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